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Silk Road Tours

Discover the historic Silk Road routes linking China to Central Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, with a focus on cities like Dunhuang, Turpan, and Kashgar.

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Tibet Tours

Immerse yourself in Tibet's rich culture, breathtaking landscapes, and Tibetan Buddhism through visits to Lhasa, Shigatse, and Everest Base Camp.

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Panda Tours

If you're a panda enthusiast, consider a tour that includes visits to panda conservation centres in Sichuan, where you can see these adorable creatures up close.

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Cultural Immersion Tours

Immerse yourself in Chinese culture by participating in activities like calligraphy, tea ceremonies, tai chi, or traditional Chinese painting classes.

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Martial Arts Tours

Learn about traditional Chinese martial arts by visiting martial arts schools and participating in training sessions with skilled instructors.

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Photography Tours

If you're a photography enthusiast, consider tours that focus on capturing the stunning landscapes, vibrant street scenes, and cultural traditions of China.

When choosing a tour package to China, make sure to research reputable tour operators, read reviews, and carefully review the itineraries and inclusions. Additionally, consider factors such as the duration of the tour, group size, accommodations, and the level of physical activity involved. China is a vast and diverse country, so plan your trip based on your interests and the experiences you wish to have.

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