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Beach Getaways

Mauritius is renowned for its pristine beaches. Beach packages often include accommodations in beachfront resorts, water sports activities, and relaxation by the sea.

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Island Tours

Explore the diverse regions of Mauritius with island tours that cover attractions like the Pamplemousses Botanical Garden, Chamarel Seven Colored Earth, Black River Gorges National Park, and Grand Bassin.

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Romantic Honeymoon Packages

Mauritius is a popular honeymoon destination. Honeymoon packages often include romantic accommodations, candlelit dinners, and special experiences for couples.

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Luxury Retreats

Indulge in luxury travel experiences with stays in upscale resorts, spa treatments, private beach access, and personalized services.

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Golf Holidays

Mauritius boasts world-class golf courses. Golf packages often include tee times at renowned golf resorts, accommodations, and golf transfers.

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Wildlife and Nature Tours

Explore the unique wildlife and nature of Mauritius, including visits to bird sanctuaries, and nature reserves, and the chance to spot the rare pink pigeon and giant tortoises.

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Culinary Tours

Savor the flavours of Mauritian cuisine with culinary tours that introduce you to local dishes like curry, seafood, and tropical fruits. You can also participate in cooking classes.

When booking a tour package to Mauritius, consider factors such as the duration of the tour, the level of accommodation (ranging from budget-friendly to luxury), and the inclusions, such as meals, guided tours, and airport transfers.

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