Andalucian Discovery Self-Drive Tour

7 Nights
What's Includes
Return Flights from Bristol
            o Alternative departure airports available
Car hire
Split between 4 x hotels of a 4* standard
7 x Breakfasts
No tour guide


Port Aventura Hotel Caribe

7 Nights, Available between April and October
What's Includes
Return Flights from Manchester
            o Alternative departure airports available
7 Breakfast and Dinners included
Transfers included
ATOL Protected


Andalucian Feelings

7 Nights, Available between May and October
Return Flights from London Gatwick
            o Alternative departure airports available
Includes return airport coach transfers and minibus transport.
Split between 3 x hotels of a 4* standard
7 x Breakfasts
4 included experiences
Local English-speaking guides



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Rich History and Culture

Spain's rich cultural heritage showcases Roman, Moorish, and Christian influences through iconic sites like the Alhambra, Sagrada Familia, and Royal Palace.

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Beautiful Beaches

Spain's coastline offers diverse beach experiences, from the vibrant shores of Ibiza to the serene coves of Costa Brava, catering to all beach enthusiasts.

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Warm Climate

Spain enjoys a predominantly warm and sunny climate, making it an ideal destination year-round for those seeking sunshine and pleasant weather.

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Festivals and Celebrations

Spain's vibrant festivals like La Tomatina, the Running of the Bulls, and Semana Santa provide insight into the country's rich cultural traditions and celebrations.

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Natural Beauty

Spain's natural beauty spans from the rugged Pyrenees to the lush Andalusian valleys, offering outdoor enthusiasts opportunities for hiking, skiing, and more amidst breathtaking landscapes.

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Art and Museums

Spain's world-class art museums, including the Prado, Picasso, and Guggenheim, showcase masterpieces by iconic artists like Picasso, Dalí, and Velázquez, making them essential cultural destinations.

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Stunning Architecture

Spain's architectural richness, from medieval castles to modernist marvels by Antoni Gaudí, showcases diverse styles and landmarks across the regions, inviting exploration.

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Hospitality and Lifestyle

Spain's renowned hospitality extends a warm welcome to visitors, inviting them to embrace the relaxed lifestyle through leisurely meals, siestas, and lively social interactions.

Spain offers a diverse range of experiences, whether you're interested in nature, culture, history, adventure, or simply enjoying the hospitality of its people. It's a country that invites exploration and offers something for every type of traveller.

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