Great Eastern Cities

7 Nights, Available between April and October
Return Flights from London Heathrow
            o Alternative departure airports available
Transport Includes return airport coach transfers and minibus/ coach transport.
6 x hotels of a 3* and 4* standard
3 x Breakfasts
5 included experiences
Local English-speaking guides


West Coast Insider

13 Nights, Available between June and September
Return Flights from London Heathrow
            o Alternative departure airports available
Return airport coach transfers and minibus/ coach transport
Split between 8 x hotels of a 3* and 4* standard
No food included
11 included experiences
Local English-speaking guides


The American South

13 Nights, Available between June and September
Return Flights from London Gatwick
            o Alternative departure airports available
Includes return airport standard coach transfers, internal flights, and minibus or minivan transport.
Split between 9 x hotels of a 3*, 4* and 2* plus standard
No Food Included
14 included experiences
Local English-speaking guides



The United States of America is a vast and diverse country with a wide range of attractions and experiences to offer visitors. Here are some compelling reasons to visit the USA:

1. Iconic Landmarks: The USA is home to numerous iconic landmarks that are recognized worldwide. From the Statue of Liberty in New York City and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco to the Grand Canyon in Arizona and the White House in Washington, D.C., these landmarks hold immense cultural and historical significance.

2. Vibrant Cities: The USA boasts vibrant and diverse cities that cater to various interests. New York City offers a bustling metropolis with renowned attractions, Broadway shows, and a melting pot of cultures. Los Angeles is synonymous with the entertainment industry, featuring Hollywood, celebrity sightings, and beautiful beaches. Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, and many other cities each have their unique charm, attractions, and vibrant cultural scenes.

3. Natural Wonders: The USA is blessed with stunning natural landscapes. From the breathtaking beauty of national parks like Yellowstone, Yosemite, and the Everglades to the awe-inspiring Niagara Falls and the otherworldly landscapes of the Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon, nature lovers will be captivated by the diverse and dramatic scenery.

4. Cultural Diversity: The United States is known as a cultural melting pot, with a rich tapestry of ethnicities, traditions, and cuisines. Exploring neighbourhoods like Chinatown in San Francisco, Little Italy in New York City, or the French Quarter in New Orleans provides an opportunity to experience the country's diverse cultural fabric.

5. World-Class Museums and Art: The USA boasts exceptional museums and art collections. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., and the Art Institute of Chicago are just a few examples of the country's world-class institutions. From ancient artefacts to contemporary masterpieces, there is something for every art and history enthusiast.

6. Culinary Experiences: The United States offers a diverse culinary scene influenced by various cultures. Whether you're craving deep-dish pizza in Chicago, barbecue in Texas, seafood in New England, or soul food in the Southern states, you'll find a wide array of culinary delights to satisfy your taste buds. Food festivals and farmers' markets also showcase regional specialities and local produce.

7. Outdoor Adventures: The USA offers a vast array of outdoor activities and adventures. From hiking in the Rocky Mountains and skiing in the Colorado Rockies to surfing in California and snorkelling in the Florida Keys, there are endless opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts to explore and enjoy the country's diverse landscapes.

8. Sports and Entertainment: The United States is a hub for sports and entertainment. Whether it's catching a baseball game, experiencing the thrill of a college football match, attending a live concert or music festival, or enjoying Broadway shows in New York City, there is a wide range of entertainment options to suit every interest.

These are just a few reasons to visit the USA, but the country's vast size and cultural diversity ensure that there is something for everyone, from stunning landscapes to vibrant cities and unique cultural experiences.

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